Jenna Wortham and Mona Chalabi in Conversation

From the deep depths of the Internet to the pop and sizzle of Hollywood, Jenna Wortham is one of the most exciting critics of this generation. In conversation with data journalist Mona Chalabi, the two friends talk about the cultural phenomenon and important narratives on their radar.

Jenna Wortham is an award winning journalist for the New York Times Magazine co-host of the podcast Still Processing. Jenna's writing spans the realms of internet trends, race, gender and healing. She is currently building a new art project exploring black creativity with Kimberly Drew.

Mona Chalabi is a journalist who really loves numbers. She translates spreadsheets into written pieces, illustrations, audio and film.

March 3, 2019
Main Hall
Session Type: Conversation


Jenna Wortham:

Host, Still Processing

Mona Chalabi:

Data Journalist