On Air LA Business Summit Programming Revealed

On Air Fest
October 24, 2023

On Nov 1st, On Air Fest will host the On Air Business Summit: an invite-only cohort of leaders gathering for a day of candid talks and networking in LA.

Over the past six months, we've been hearing from the business leaders and changemakers in podcasting about the kind of gathering our industry needs now. We’ve heard things like “less panels” and “more dialogue,” “solution-based perspectives” and “voices outside podcasting.” In response, we’ve created an event that will be highly participatory with responsive sessions, pop-up provocations from attendees and an interactive Town Hall featuring a diverse group from across media, entertainment, tech, advertising and culture.

We are so excited to host this event at KCRW in their gorgeous state of the art sound stage as the kickoff to On Air LA Annex: four days of cultural programming featuring live stories on stage, podcast tapings, creator talk backs and a day of immersive audio exhibitions at dublab. The full schedule is available here.

Here’s what to expect at the On Air Business Summit:

Following the event, stay tuned for key insights and takeaways.