Finches: Two Poems by ricky sallay zoker

Distilling the connections between nature, God, and technology — the scores in Finches feature AI deep-fakes of Morgan Freeman and David Attenborough reciting portions of ricky’s poems WATER and DILLY DALLY.

Freeman and Attenborough often serve as the ‘voice of God’ narrators in Western popular-culture. Finches reaches towards a future in which Black people can wander without worry. “Wander,” here represents an unburdened relationship with earth. Traversing towards ease and joyful flippance, Finches is an acknowledgement of what makes Black Wandering difficult and an inquiry into a world where swimming and dilly dallying are a sustained and unremarkable reality.

This installation is part of On Air Open House, an all-day immersive sound event. Find the full schedule of installations and performances here.

1035 W 24TH ST LOS ANGELES, CA 90007
Nov 4
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sallay zoker
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