An Aperitivo with Brendan Francis Newnam & John Cameron Mitchell

Audio can be transportive; it can take us on a journey to extraordinary emotional, spiritual and even physical places. In this session, we invite you to a special aperitivo with two innovative masters of the format—John Cameron Mitchell (Anthem, Hedwig and the Angry Inch) and Brendan Francis Newnam (Not Lost)—as they share the inventive ways they have found to aurally transport listeners to far away destinations and enlightened states of mind. The session will be an adventure in itself, as we travel from the original home of the aperitivo—Italy—onto Las Vegas—and finally to an exciting new destination Mitchell will reveal exclusively to On Air guests. Join us for a special cocktail, as well as a unique opportunity to play, experiment and open your mind, during this Brooklyn version of the beloved Italian cultural ritual—a cherished moment between the day's events and the evening activities to come. Hosted by Christy Gressman, Vice President of Podcasts for Topic Studios.

Feb 24
4:30 pm
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